Crestwood Village Co-Op IV
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An Affordable Retirement Community

When you're looking for a fun retirement community for active senior living, Crestwood Village Co-Op IV in Whiting, New Jersey, is the place for you. We offer a number of entertaining, affordable activities. New shareholders are encouraged to review contact information for all clubs and activities on the clubhouse bulletin boards. With so many residents around, our community is very secure. Our village consists of 1190 homes that are available in 12 different models.

Home Models

Note that the floor plans are not to scale, and the square footage is an approximate. Our images represent an approximation of the layout for each model — they are not exact. Modifications may have taken place after the original construction. Locations of windows, walls, and doors can vary by home.


View the Cambridge I
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Approximately 1300 Sq. Ft.

View the Cambridge II
View Floor Plan

Approximately 1389 Sq. Ft.

View the Devon
View Floor Plan

Approximately 1040 Sq. Ft.

View the Essex
View Floor Plan

Approximately 782 Sq. Ft.

View the Georgetown
View Floor Plan

Approximately 908 Sq. Ft.

View the Hampshire
View Floor Plan

Approximately 787 Sq. Ft.

View the Lexington
View Floor Plan

Approximately 1558 Sq. Ft.

View the Madison
View Floor Plan

Approximately 537 Sq. Ft.

View the Oxford I&II
View Floor Plan

Approximately 1216 Sq. Ft.

View the Stratford
View Floor Plan

Approximately 1220 Sq. Ft.

View the Windsor
View Floor Plan

Approximately 797 Sq. Ft.

View the Yorktowne
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Approximately 1383 Sq. Ft.


The entire Crestwood Village Co-Op IV is covered by the co-op policy for liability and fire insurance, including the outside of the structure. You are responsible for insuring the inside of the structure, from the drywall in, plus liability and personal property insurance, such as furniture, clothing, and jewelry. An HO-6 insurance policy is required, and we recommend that you include a Replacement Cost on Contents endorsement to more adequately protect your personal property.

Making Your New Home Your Own

Since the physical building structure, and grounds belong to the corporation, always check with the clubhouse before making any structural modifications, including, walkway additions, patio enclosures, window and garage door replacements, skylights, central air, and installation of satellite dishes. We urge you to review our bylaws and rules and regulations, which are provided to you at closing, as soon as it's convenient, for a complete list of "Dos" and "Please Don'ts."

Our volunteers, who are called District Representatives, are available to help you with your questions and problems. A list of current District Representatives is displayed in the clubhouse and on the get to know us page of this site. Just look up your street number and address, which gives you the district number, and then locate its representative's name and phone number. Of course, our clubhouse staff is also always there to help you.